Welcome to the Liberty Lantern.

Dear Readers,

Welcome to Liberty Lantern.  As educators and concerned citizens we have seen a need in our nation to restore a knowledge of our American Christian Heritage, a hope for the future, and a vision for the spread of Biblical truth and light.  We have been blessed as a nation with a calling to spread the gospel, first to ourselves, then across the globe.  This mission has been made possible to a greater degree here in America because of the liberty we have been handed.

Sadly to say America’s mission has been darkened by lack of knowledge of our heritage, lack of knowledge of principles of liberty, and indifference.  We were challenged a number of years ago by an idea that it is the American Christian who has failed to be salt and light in all areas of life in America.  Instead of pointing fingers at others we have been challenged to humbly point our fingers at ourselves and ask the question, what are WE doing to correct the wrongs in the decline of liberty.  We have forgotten what liberty feels and looks like as WE have grown so dependent upon the State.   With that in mind a great conviction has moved us to humbly work to restore what has been lost or forgotten about our Heritage.

It was Patriots, such as Paul Revere, who risked their lives for the cause of liberty.  During the beginning of the American Revolution Paul Revere showed great courage as he gave the signal for two lanterns to be hung in the North Church in Boston to show others that the British were coming “by sea” to get colonial munitions at Concord.  They also planned to capture Samuel Adams and John Hancock, the leaders of the Revolutionary Cause.  Revere rode to Lexington to warn these two leaders of the coming of the British.  When the British got to Lexington Adams and Hancock were gone!  When they got to Concord the munitions were gone!  Paul Revere had ridden, “becoming, as it were, something greater than himself - not merely one man riding one horse on a certain lonely night long ago, but a symbol to which his countrymen can yet return.  Paul Revere had started on a ride which, in a way, has never ended”. 
(quote from the book, Paul Revere and the World He Lived In, by Esther Forbes)

As a symbol in our day and age we have chosen the image of lanterns and a rider to remind us to “watch and ride” (as Revere did) with the light of the knowledge of Liberty and its Source.
It is our endeavor to share here stories of our Founding Fathers and Mothers and to reveal the Biblical governmental principles upon which our nation was built.  We would also like to point to helpful educational resources of other Americans working to restore our Heritage, some of which have restored these stories to us.  
Someone once said, “It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.”  Our desire is to encourage others (and ourselves) through stories of courage and hope.  This is one way to touch our faith in a positive and constructive way.  May you find here articles that will encourage your faith as they have ours on the path to Liberty.


Peggy White (editorial staff)